Teradyne Neptune Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive Tester

Neptune allows HDD manufacturers to ramp production quickly and efficiently within their current factory floor plan. Offering the highest per-square-foot throughput and density of any 2.5" automated test system, Neptune outperforms traditional test systems by 3x. Its unique cylindrical footprint and free-standing, six-axis industrial robot minimizes vibration while maximizing reliability and throughput. Its innovative architecture delivers dynamics and cooling performance for the stringent requirements of the growing 2.5" HDD market.


  • Available in standard and custom models, which can support multiple form factors including:
    • m.2
    • BGA, LGA
    • mSATA
    • 1.8”
  • Controls environmental and electrical conditions on a device-by-device basis
    Local control features allow in-field enhancements and upgrades for unique device characteristics
  • Automation software automatically and reliably tracks every device bar-code in the system and automatically assigns test resources to each unique devices
  • Modular software also:
    • Sorts devices based test results
    • Allows for system monitoring, debugging, and support
    • Communicates with the factory
    • Supports power-fail-recovery


  • Fully automated device handling
  • Flexible “adapter” to support multiple form factors - customized to meet the connectivity, power, and thermal requirements for a specific SSD product
  • Modular architecture and nimble execution reduces production time from years to months
  • Asynchronous device test - each test cell is thermally and electrically independent
  • Accurate, efficient thermal control on a device-by-device basis with faster ramp rates than a batch solution
  • Independent high-speed serial communications to each device-under-test, enabling an on-demand product mix under production
  • Available high-performance functional test slots that support PCIe/SAS and SATA interfaces in additional to the standard serial port production high-volume, cost effective test slots