Teradyne's TestStation Pro Software is available for all UltraPin based TestStation in-circuit test systems. This TestStation Pro Software provides three powerful user environments for development, debug, and production running under Windows 7 OS. Windows 10 OS, along wth an enahnced User Interface, will be available on the upcoming TestStation Development Pro 8.0 release.

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  • Development

    TestStation Development Pro

    Teradyne's software environment for developing high fault coverage in-circuit test programs include the following features:

    • Windows 10 Program Development for Work Stations
    • Graphical sidebar visually shows operators the steps required to develop a test program
    • Enhanced links to Design-to-Build (D2B) simplifies entry and modification of CAD data
    • Spreadsheet-based database editors for entering and modifying circuit and fixture information
    • Access to component modeling and application tools via pull-down menus and toolbars
    • Dedicated workspaces for the major program development tasks - with all options clearly highlighted
    • Project management tools for releasing and archiving in-circuit test projects
    • Ability to import legacy 228x/TestStation files
  • Debug

    TestStation Debug Pro

    Teradyne's user-friendly interface for debugging, developing, and qualifying in-circuit test programs include the following features:

    • Label Navigator visually displays all the tests in the program
    • Statement Editor displays all of the parameters available for selected tests and allows operators to easily select and modify those parameters using a mouse or simple keystrokes
    • Guard Editor window shows test instrument connections and circuit interconnections
    • Charting Tool displays measurement results using run or histogram charts and reports test statistics like Mean, Std Deviation, Cp, and Cpk
    • Component and Property Information windows display helpful information about board components, values, tolerances, pins, nets, and nails
    • Customizable tool bar provides access to powerful debug tools like board and schematic viewers, data collection charts and test quality tools
    • Optional Untranslator Window supports performing debug activities using the familiar commands and keystrokes of the traditional Runtime debug environment
  • Production

    TestStation Production Pro

    Teradyne's simplified environment for performing production and system test include:

    • A simplified interface reduces the number of options that production test operators must set
    • Password protection capabilities allow manufacturers to control what test options can be changed by operators
    • Production and Batch Assistant utilities simplify the process of selecting in-circuit test programs
    • Factory control interface software allows manufacturers to communicate with their shop floor control systems
    • Enforced yield rate option warns users when yield falls below specified targets
    • Access to Data Display and logging information for generating reports on PCB failure and quality data
  • PC Upgrade

    TestStation PC Performance Upgrade Package

    Package includes:

    • New PC controller
    • Latest MS Windows 7 operating system
    • New streamline TestStation Development Pro user interface
    • BasicSan support for multiple BURSTS
    • New Production and Batch Assistant tools
    • Enhanced links to Design-to-Build (D2B) software (with support for Windows 10)
    • Variant Support
    • Factory automation control interface
    • Integrated file-based XML datastore
    • Compatible with Teradyne's Self Service Licensing Portal
    • Includes Teradyne Software Support Agreement