Simplify Programming for External Communication

Create Dynamic Link Library Applications programs that link to the TestStation Runtime system. This is the ideal interface for program control of PXI instruments in the TestStation PXI Functional Application Board.

TestStation PXI DLL Software

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  • Advantages

    Teradyne's Dynamic Programming Extension software allows test program developers to create DLL (Dynamic Link Library) application programs and directly link them to test programs being run by the TestStation Runtime system.

    Benefits include: 

    • Simplified interfacing with external applications
    • Built-in library of useful functions
    • Supports popular software programming environments
    • Ideal interface for program control of PXI instrumentation in the TestStation PXI Expansion Board
  • Features & Options
    • Requires TestStation Software version 6.4 or greater
    • Requires TestStation Dynamic_PGM_Extension software license (included with purchase of a TestStation PXI Functional Expansion Board)
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