High Speed Automation for TestStation

Teradyne's TestStation High-Speed Inline Automated Handler is compatible with TestStation Multi-Site Inline configurations designed for the most productive and lowest cost in-circuit test package. Available models include the TestStation Handler and our newest automation solution the TestStation Handler Large Format.


The TestStation Automated Inline Handler and the TestStation Automated Inline Handler Large Format integrates seamlessly with TestStation Multi-Site Inline test systems. By residing completely within the line automation equipment footprint, TestStation Multi-Site Inline systems eliminate the long cabling between the unit under test (UUT) and test instrumentation that results in reduced test accuracy and fault coverage.

With a short set-up time, automatic fixture feed and interlocking mechanisms, manufacturers can save time and money automating their production line with the TestStation Automated Inline Handling system with TestStation Multi-Site Inline.

Features & Options

The TestStation Automated Inline Handler features:

  • Provides seamless integration of TestStation Multi-Site Inline test system
  • Short set-up time, automatic fixture feed and interlocking mechanisms
  • Maximum flexiblity and product scalability within TestStation system architecture
  • Compatabile with Large Boards and Scaleable Pin Count Capacity
  • Auto-Width or Manual-Width adjust available
  • Antistatic conveyor
  • Easy maintenance and supportable design
  • Optional barcode/2D-code scanner
  • USB Keyboard/video/mouse-switch
  • Automation Pro software