Teradyne-Defense Aerospace-SpectrumHS Test System

The Spectrum HS functional test platform is designed to meet current and future defense and aerospace test demands. The Spectrum HS employs an open architecture that allows Teradyne engineers to quickly produce tailored configurations to meet customer-specific requirements. With a suite of modular building blocks for the system’s infrastructure, the Spectrum HS can be sized to meet today’s needs, while ensuring that flexibility exists to scale the system to handle future test requirements.

The Spectrum HS is Teradyne’s most advanced functional test system. It differs from the Spectrum-9100 in that it is engineered for the latest real-time low latency busses. It also features more recent technology and a newer design.

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  • Applications
    • Operational test
    • Functional board test
    • Functional box test
    • Production test
    • Depot support
    • Avionics Test
    • Missile Test
    • Vehicle Test
    • Real-time bus testing
  • Advantages

    A modern, fully integrated solution for analog and real-time bus test, the Spectrum HS offers the following advantages:

    • Flexibility to test the most complex real-time busses
    • Full QA of Spectrum system software releases
    • Backed by dedicated engineering, factory and field support staff
    • Spare parts service provides next day repair parts service
    • Advanced station monitoring
    • Based on industry standards (PXI, LXI, VXI, GPIB, IVI, Windows, ATML, safety, EMI)
    • Open architecture
    • Expandable in size and power
    • Detailed product documentation
  • Configurations
    • Single bay through 6 bays
    • Single-tier, double-tier and triple-tier interface (ICA)
    • 10 KVA to 60 KVA input power
  • System Options
    High Speed Subsystem
    • Serial, parallel, custom and standard bus support
    • Unique three-tier architecture has many advantages of simple field-programmable gate array instruments
    • Real-time interaction with unit under test
    • Fully integrated with other Spectrum-9100 instrumentation
    • Crosspoint matrix
    • High Bandwidth switch modules
    • Switch management software
    Third Party Instruments
    • Designed to work with all standard third party instruments, including:
      • System level self-test
      • Configuration of ICA cables
    • Support for third party software in addition to Spectrum HS  standard software