Spectrum-9100 Functional Test Platform - RackThe Spectrum-9100 functional test platform is designed to meet the testing demands of today’s sophisticated defense and aerospace electronics. The system is optimized to support a range of products from legacy products designed in the 1970's through the latest state-of-the-art products with GHz real-time processing requirements. Configured with Teradyne's state-of-the-art VXI and PXI instrumentation, along with carefully selected third-party instrumentation, the Spectrum-9100 offers the best proven solution for testing high-mix products.

The Spectrum-9100 is unique to its counterparts, the Spectrum HS and Spectrum FX, in that it is engineered for testing products with vastly different technology and legacy components.

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  • Applications
    • Functional board test
    • Functional box test
    • Production test
    • Depot support
    • Performance digital test
    • Parallel test
    • Avionics Test
    • Missile Test
    • Vehicle Test
    • Real-time bus testing
    • Legacy rehost
  • Advantages
    • Proven flexibility with large installed base
    • Reliable operation backed by an international company
    • Based on industry standards (PXI, LXI, VXI, GPIB, IVI, Windows, ATML, safety, EMI)
    • Open architecture
    • Expandable in size and power
    • Proven successful in defense contractor factories and depots; commercial avionics maintenance and repair facilities; and North American, European, Asian and Middle Eastern military depots
    • Full QA of Spectrum-9100 software releases
    • Backed by dedicated engineering, factory and field support staff
    • Spare parts service provides next-day delivery
    • Advanced station monitoring
  • Configurations
    • Single bay through six bays
    • Single-tier, double-tier and triple-tier interfaces (ICA)
    • 10 KVA to 60 KVA input power
  • System Options
    Analog Instruments
    • Ai-Series
    Bus Instruments
    • Bi-Series
    • High Speed Subsystem
    Digital Instruments
    • Di-Series
    High Speed Subsystem (HSSub)
    • Serial, parallel, custom and standard bus support
    • Unique three-tier architecture has many advantages of simple field-programmable gate array instruments
    • Real-time interaction with unit under test
    • Fully integrated with other Spectrum-9100 instrumentation
    • Crosspoint matrix optimized for Di-Series and Spectrum Analog Instruments
    • High bandwidth switch modules
    • Switch management software
    Third Party Instruments
    • Designed to work with all standard third party instruments
      • System level self-test
      • Configuration of ICA cables
    • Support for third party software in addition to Spectrum-9100 standard software