Teradyne Di-Series Digital Test Instrument

Teradyne’s Di-Series of digital test instruments provides the industry’s most powerful combination of performance, density, flexibility, and reliability in a highly integrated, standards-based solution. The Di-Series increases usability, functionality, and commonality, while reducing the total number of instruments needed by a test system. Using Di-Series instruments decreases a test systems' footprint, programming, support and cost-of-ownership. As part of Teradyne’s Core System Instrumentation (CSi) portfolio, the Di-Series instruments meet the essential requirements common to defense and aerospace ATE. The Di-Series instruments also provide the key features needed to test all levels of integration from the board level shop replaceable assembly/shop replaceable unit (SRA/SRU) to box level line replaceable unit/weapon replacement assembly (LRU/WRA).

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  • Applications
    • Parallel digital test
    • M9-Series and L-Series replacement
    • Single-ended and differential test
    • Memory test
    • LRU/WRA test of new and legacy equipment
  • Advantages
    • Unmatched performance utilizes the latest technology and provides the best quality of test
      LRU/WRA-centric flexibility addresses diverse requirements; units under test from boards to boxes, old and new designs, legacy instrument replacement
    • Built-in handshaking
    • Proven Teradyne compatibility maintains TPS investment with previous generations of Teradyne M9-Series digital instrumentation and L-Series systems
    • Delivers breakthrough usability provided by flexible hardware and innovative development and debugging software
    • Reliability and supportability keep systems running based on decades of defense and aerospace experience
  • Configurations
    • Maximum frequency: 25 MHz or 50 MHz
    • Maximum voltage: +6V/-3V, ±15V or ±30V
    • Number of channels: 32, 48, or 64
    • Utility instrument for guided probe and additional timing signals
  • Features
    • 64 bi-directional channels packaged in a single VXI slot
    • 50 MHz maximum data rate for general-purpose applications
    • 1 ns timing resolution for drive and detect edges and pattern period
    • Ranges covering ±30V with up to a 30V swing
    • Phases/windows/levels programmable per channel
    • Drive and detect voltage accuracy of 1% ±50 mV on voltage ranges below ±15V
    • Differential and low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) capability by pairing of adjacent channels
    • 8M pattern Deep Serial Memory per channel
    • Programmable as multiple independent instruments on 32-channel boundaries
    • Programmable asynchronous handshake engine
    • One-year warranty
    • 90-Day advanced replacement service
    • CE-Certified