Teradyne Defense & Aerospace Service & Support Contracts – Employee working on automatic test systems Teradyne’s Defense and Aerospace contracts simplify the process of ordering services to ensure availability when you need it. Our service offerings are aligned to meet customers' strategic objectives and represent a partnership between us and our military and avionics customers. In addition to committed support levels, Teradyne’s service contracts control and reduce costs over time through total quality management (TQM) improvement activities.

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  • High Availability Service Contracts

    Teradyne's high-availability service contracts provide maximum system uptime, predictable costs and scalable logistics. With Teradyne’s high-availability services, customers benefit from 24x7 access to problem solving, including parts availability, technical support and eKnowledge online help. Through a combination of assisted support and self-service options, customers can draw on the collective experience of Teradyne’s worldwide team of engineers.

    Customers may:
    • Speak with a Teradyne engineer over the phone (1-877-TERADYNE)
    • Interact with a Teradyne engineer on-site
    • Search for solutions over the web
  • Parts Availability Service Contracts

    Teradyne's parts-availability service contracts address the critical relationship between system uptime and parts availability. With spare parts inventory located throughout North America, Europe and Asia, Teradyne has the infrastructure to support nearly every type of spare parts strategy. To meet unique military and avionic requirements, customers may choose from a range of on-site and replenishment parts services.

    Services include:
    • Dedicated centralized stocking for programs with multiple installations
    • Optional expedited, next-day delivery for all parts in the stocking center
    • One source of repair for all Field Replaceable Units (FRU)
    • On-site spare inventory to maximize availability and support lean inventory control
  • Custom Service Contracts
    With a focus on improving reliability, managing obsolescence and maintaining supportability, Teradyne works with customers to develop a maintenance strategy that meets the objectives of defense and aviation test programs. We understand that it is difficult for standard support offerings to meet all of the requirements of military and aerospace organizations. Our custom support plans enhance standard performance-based offerings and can be supplemented with additional services, including guaranteed availability, system upgrades and parts and configuration management.