Teradyne Defense & Aerospace Design & Operational Services – Employees strategizeTeradyne's Design and Operational Services focus on what’s important to our military and avionics customers—higher uptime, quick-turn solutions and lower lifecycle cost. Teradyne’s customer support model centers on a staff of engineers, located throughout the world, that bring customers the expertise needed to achieve operational success. Our support model is complemented by maintenance services, including preventive maintenance and on-site system maintenance.

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  • Program Management

    Teradyne’s proven program management team offers more than 50 years of combined experience managing Teradyne’s automatic test equipment (ATE), test program set (TPS), contract or logistics (CLS) and performance-based logistics (PBL) programs. Our cross-functional team addresses defense and aerospace needs, including systems configuration, production and deployment and parts obsolescence management.

    Our engineers handle test programs from initial definition of requirements through complete system delivery and quality management. We support the entire lifecycle of the program to help resolve any unexpected issues that may occur.

    Operating as a single point of contact for all major programs, Teradyne program managers provide visibility into the status of the program. Our managers review critical resources and mitigate risks, driving root-cause analysis and corrective actions when applicable. Teradyne managers also offer frequent customer communications to ensure the product is delivered on time and on budget.

  • Engineering Services

    Supported by more than 1,000 application and field service engineers worldwide, Teradyne's applications engineering services leverage in-depth knowledge of military and avionics test solutions. Our applications engineering services meet a variety of program needs, from standard to specific.

    Our services offer:
    • Expert assistance to accelerate the integration and knowledge of a new instrument
    • Technology insertion to extend system life by addressing emerging program requirements
    • System performance enhancements through software upgrades to improve system capacity
  • Configuration Management

    Teradyne's proactive configuration management lowers the risk that occurs when commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment suppliers enhance or make their products obsolete. We manage this process by monitoring COTS suppliers to ensure that parts are returned with the correct hardware and firmware configuration, and that any changes are identified early, allowing future changes to be made with minimal impact to the program. Our configuration management reduces risk to program compatibility and verifies software, hardware and firmware configurations to ensure TPS compatibility and system performance.

  • Parts Obsolescence

    Teradyne's parts obsolescence management reduces the negative effects and lowers the risk of obsolescence in defense and aerospace COTS equipment. Our team identifies potential obsolescence risk and recommends solutions, such as lifetime buys, instrument replacement and technology insertion. Teradyne's obsolescence management extends equipment life by using established end-of-life processes and proactive parts obsolescence monitoring. We poll commercial suppliers twice a year to assess component obsolescence impact.