Teradyne Defense & Aerospace Applications Services – Employee testing analog test board Teradyne's Applications Services cover a variety of applications and training solutions that combine extensive expertise with established processes and engineering tools—a combination that delivers the fastest time-to-market and maximizes tester utilization. Teradyne engineers assist customers through all stages of test—from strategy definition and test program set (TPS) development to long-term program support. Our engineers provide technical resources that enable test programming groups to better utilize Teradyne systems in the development of defense and aerospace test programs. Teradyne’s global customer support model addresses your local requirements, providing higher revenues, optimal tester throughput and advanced on-site applications support.

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  • Training

    Teradyne’s applications training courses are taught by experienced instructors in the ATE industry. Instructors are field service and applications engineers with practical, hands-on experience in test development and test system maintenance. Training options support the full line of Teradyne defense and aerospace products, including Core System Instrumentation (CSi), functional test systems and high-speed subsystems.

    Training can be delivered as standard courses or as workshops. Standard factory training for test program development and system maintenance is offered at Teradyne’s facilities, including our corporate campus in North Reading, Massachusetts, located just north of Boston. On-site, custom training is offered at the customer site and is based on standard training offerings. Custom training can be tailored to meet unique customer requirements and then deployed to all customer locations, addressing issues that may not be covered in standard training courses.

    For information on training classes, and to register, contact 1-877-TERADYNE, or visit our Training page.

  • Applications Support
    Teradyne's applications support engineers provide a range of defense and aerospace training and applications support to help customers get the most out of their test systems. Our engineers have experience in managing all sizes of TPS development projects and can provide full turn-key solutions that best fit customer needs. Our applications support provides configurations to integrate Teradyne equipment into customer’s equipment, including the support of systems engineering and mechanical design teams. Custom applications can also be developed to meet a variety of customer-specific requirements from user interface design to datalogging to instrumentation interfaces.
  • Test Programming Services

    Teradyne’s test programming services are delivered ready for manufacturing environments, depots and intermediate-level facilities. Using the latest Teradyne methods, application engineers offer industry experience to provide a full range of defense and aerospace TPS solutions. Turn-key TPS design offers customers the ability to develop and deploy test capabilities rapidly without a large investment in personnel and infrastructure. Teradyne's strategic development services help organizations define their TPS requirements to ensure quality and supportability. In addition, our TPS design and integration assistance accelerates debug and acceptance, advances development and translation tools and provides users with custom applications solutions.