For manufacturers of all sizes, the pressures to increase productivity and lower cost are constant. Rising labor costs, shrinking talent pools and new sources of competition compound the risks.

Teradyne’s automation gives you the tools to shift this dynamic. You automate more tasks and free your employees to focus on the three most enduring competitive advantages: innovation, quality and market expansion. Your team harnesses machines and human talent to improve operational efficiency. The end result is better quality, better products and better business.

Our Industrial Automation solutions are safe, reliable and easy to deploy and bring the power of advanced automation to companies of all sizes, everywhere.

Our portfolio includes collaborative robots, autonomous mobile robots and sensing and simulation software:

Universal Robots
UR provides low-cost, easy-to-deploy collaborative robots (cobots) that work alongside production workers to improve quality and increase manufacturing efficiency. UR’s robotic arms are lightweight and easy to program, enabling small and medium-sized companies to implement robots into their operations at a low cost and without the need for robot expertise. The cobots automate endless tasks including machine tending, packaging, gluing, painting, polishing and assembling parts.

Mobile Industrial Robots
MiR offers next-generation autonomous mobile robots. Enabled by collaborative technologies, MiR’s mobile robots allow users to quickly and cost-effectively manage internal logistics, without the need for infrastructure modifications.

Energid specializes in the control and simulation of complex robotic systems through its proprietary Actin® software. Energid’s software simplifies the programming of robotic motions used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from autonomous oil exploration and robotic bin picking to surgical robotics.