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  • Who We Are

    It’s a good bet that every electronic device you use today has been touched by Teradyne products along its development and production journey. Teradyne is committed to ensuring that the electronic products that power our work life, entertain and enrich our personal lives, and protect and inform our public lives work the way they were intended. Our industrial automation solutions utilize Collaborative Robots, Autonomous Mobile Robots and sensing and simulation software to improve quality and increase manufacturing efficiency in global manufacturing and light industrial customers.

    Headquartered in North Reading, Massachusetts with 70 locations throughout Asia, Europe and North America, Teradyne employees share a customer-centric approach. “Teradyners” are dedicated to getting current and next year’s new products functioning at their peak and into the hands of your customers fast.

    Over 50 years after the creation of Teradyne, the vision of our founders, Alex d’Arbeloff and Nick DeWolf, to automate manual production tasks to improve accuracy, repeatability and lower costs, has stood the test of time. For our first 55 years our focus was on reliable, dependable electronic test equipment strong enough to serve the needs of high-volume production test. More recently, that vision has been extended to include production tasks across all industries that can now be automated using Collaborative Robots.

  • What We Do

    SmartphoneTeardown.jpgFrom tablets to smart phones, we rely on electronics to conduct our business and to connect and enhance our personal lives. The world’s reliance on electronics comes with the expectation that the devices work right, the first time, every time. Teradyne products protect consumer confidence with thorough, fast test and automation.

    Teradyne has delivered a competitive advantage to the world's leading electronics companies for over 50 years. With innovation at the core of our business, we constantly seek new ways to solve the most challenging test issues. Whether you’re looking to test the latest technologies, lower your production or test costs, shorten your time-to-market, or all of the above, Teradyne has a solution to meet your needs.

    Our semiconductor test business focuses on logic, RF, analog, power, mixed-signal and memory devices—the building blocks of tablets, smart phones, computers, gaming systems and much more. Teradyne’s semiconductor test line-up includes the J750, FLEX, UltraFLEXEagle and Magnum product families.

    Our system test business serves the next level of electronics production as chips are combined into complex electronic systems. From computing to communications, data storage to industrial, and scores of other applications, Teradyne helps electronics manufacturers ensure the integrity and quality of their products. We also serve the defense and aerospace industry to support the mission readiness of defense and aerospace customers worldwide. Major product families in our system test business include TestStation, Spectrum, Hi-Speed SubsystemNeptune and Saturn.

    LitePoint, our wireless test business, provides solutions for the leading manufacturers of wireless modules and consumer electronics. Serving the rapidly growing demand for wireless communications, LitePoint products are used by chipset and product designers along with their contract manufacturers to verify performance, reduce time-to-market and lower the cost of wireless test. From Bluetooth to Wi-Fi to 4G LTE, we speed new products to market while providing industry-leading cost performance. Our products include IQxel for connectivity test and IQxstream for cellular test. Learn more about our wireless test solutions for the RF lab or manufacturing.

    Our industrial automation business is comprised of Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots and Energid.

    Universal Robots (UR) provides low-cost, easy-to-deploy collaborative robots (cobots) that work side-by-side with production workers to improve quality and increase manufacturing efficiency. UR cobots automate tasks including machine tending, packaging, gluing, painting, polishing and assembling parts. The cobots are deployed in the automotive, food and agriculture, furniture and equipment, metal and machining, plastics and polymers, and pharma and chemicals industries.

    Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) offers next-generation mobile robots. Enabled by intelligent collaborative technologies, MiR’s autonomous mobile robots allow users to quickly and cost-effectively manage internal logistics. These next-gen robots are currently used in the transportation, healthcare, pharmaceutical, metal and plastics, fashion, technology and food industries.

    Energid specializes in the control and simulation of complex robotic systems through its proprietary Actin® software. Energid’s software simplifies custom robotic design and development, and is used in the aerospace, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, defense and medical industries.

  • Why Teradyne

    In an industry where innovation is key to long-term success, we are the proven experts. We listen to our customers and share their customers’ same reliance on device functionality. That understanding and deep expertise helps us to apply creative solutions to the most challenging test problems. Our approach creates value for our customers, value for our employees and value for our shareholders.

    Teradyne is...expert engineering...innovative solutions...the future of test and automation. We partner with you from R&D to production. Our product innovation and world class service and support is what makes Teradyne the right choice. We operate in fast moving markets, where strategies and goals may change, but our dedication doesn’t. Let us apply our expertise to solve your toughest test challenges.